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ITF backs Dominican Republic ATCs sacked over air safety warnings

ニュース 16 Apr 2015

The union argues that the workers were sacked as punishment for publicly raising concerns in 2012 about deficiencies which it claimed were putting at risk the country’s air space, after the IDAC failed to address them.
The special, high-level, court responsible for rulings on these issues ruled in favour of the workers, recognising the ADCA as their union, ruling the dismissals illegal and declaring that the workers should be reinstated immediately. However, the government chose instead to ignore the ruling and remove the judges.

There was a mass demonstration outside the supreme court last week to protest against government corruption. The ADCA’s general secretary, Wellinthon Almonte, said corruption had now reached such a serious level that the union had presented a case to the Human Rights Interamerican Commission.

Speaking from the country’s capital, Santo Domingo, ITF Americas regional secretary Antonio Rodríguez Fritz said: “These workers have sacrificed their jobs to help protect passengers’ and workers’ lives, and their families are suffering because they had the courage to speak up.

“We have seen the corruption of the country as citizens are illegally detained by the police, with no legal procedures or due process. This seems to be the rule used against trade union leaders and activists, and the government’s behaviour is both unacceptable and illegal. Air traffic controllers have expressed their fear that an accident may happen if the safety issues are not resolved, and we call upon the Dominican Republic president to avoid this.”

The union reports that several of the deficiencies the workers exposed have now been resolved but that many safety risks still remain, including excessive hours well above international standards. Incidents it reported included out-of-service navigation aids at La Isabela International Airport, forcing pilots to complete all approaches visually.

Act now to support the ADCA at the ITF’s campaign page -

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ニュース 記者発表資料 30 Nov 2023

国連「パレスチナ人民連帯国際デー」にあわせて ITF「パレスチナ連帯基金」を設置

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国際運輸労連(ITF)は、ガザおよびイスラエルにおける暴力の激化に深い憂慮を表明するとともに、ハマスとイスラエル軍が双方の民間人を標的にしていることを非難する。 すべての関係者が国際法を尊重し、民間人の生命の保護にコミットし、地域のすべての当事者と主要国に緊張緩和を呼びかける国際社会に加わることを緊急に求める。 違法な占領が行われ、16年にわたりガザが封鎖されているものの
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(9月13日配信) カンタス航空が 1,700 人の地上スタッフおよび手荷物スタッフを解雇したことの違法性が認められ、オーストラリアの交通運輸労組は大きな勝利を収めた。解雇以降、正義を求めて闘い続けてきた労働者にとっても大きな勝利となった。  連邦最高裁判事7名は全員一致でオーストラリア史上最大の違法解雇を認定した。   交通運輸労組( TWU )は、既に連邦裁判所で2回