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What we do

Supporting trade union action on climate change

Transport is a significant and growing source of carbon emissions. The ITF is committed to supporting and coordinating trade union initiatives to create green jobs and ensure climate justice for all.

In 2010 the ITF adopted a major resolution on climate change, committing us to:

  • representing the joint interests of transport workers to secure a just transition to a sustainable transport system based on secure jobs, good wages and decent working conditions
  • researching and developing guidelines and case studies on how adaptation and mitigation measures might impact on the organisation of work in the transport industry
  • implementing a comprehensive education programme on climate change in all ITF regions to raise awareness and build union capacity to respond to climate change
  • building a network of affiliates interested in planning and coordinating union activities on climate change
  • allocating adequate resources for continued work on climate change

Our climate justice efforts are led by ITF affiliates through the climate change working group. We also link up with the wider trade union movement through the International Trade Union Conference (ITUC) and the unions4climate action.

For more information on the ITF's work on climate justice, or to share your own efforts on climate change, email