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The storytelling project

The programme removing the stigma from HIV/AIDS

Two of the biggest obstacles to effective HIV prevention are stigma and the discrimination associated with it, either actual or feared.

Stigma arises mainly from ignorance and/or hostility and prejudices about the groups most affected by it. Fear makes vulnerable people even more vulnerable to infection.HIV storytelling image

Stigma prevents many people from:

  • talking about safe sex with partners
  • taking tests for HIV and other STIs
  • disclosing their status to their partners
  • seeking treatment

Those who are HIV positive face even more discrimination. This often includes the violation of their right to work.

This is why ITF has turned to storytelling.

Watch on YouTube: A storytelling project to combat HIV/AIDS stigma and secrecy:

Part one:

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Part two:

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How telling stories is helping prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS

Together with Narativ, an organisation that facilitates storytelling, we’ve created a multi-country storytelling programme. It empowers transport workers, a high-risk group, to speak out openly about HIV/AIDS and take action for the sake of their health. Its aim is to eliminate inequality, subordination and isolation.

The ITF believes storytelling can strengthen the collective voice of transport workers living with HIV/AIDS. It builds the confidence and organisation to counteract stigma and discrimination in the workplace and community. It also raises awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS, encouraging transport workers to get tested.

Read the HIV storytelling report

This report is based on the stories of transport workers, including HIV positive workers, told during a series of storytelling workshops in Mombasa, Kenya in early 2009.