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HIV/AIDS in the civil aviation sector

An ITF study on the impact of the virus 

Many of those living with HIV are transport workers. Long absences from home and a lack of effective health and safety regulations increase the risk of contracting the virus.

In 2010, ITF ran a study to find out if civil aviation workers were more or less likely to contract AIDS. The aim was to assess the situation and provide a basis for interventions.

As part of this process, we:

  • compiled the views of affiliated unions
  • surveyed the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of a cross-section of individual union members
  • included responses from five countries: Argentina, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, India and Jordan

The results led us to create a plan for future action. They gave ITF and its affiliates guidelines for:

  • tackling the spread of the virus
  • reducing stigma and discrimination
  • eliminating the threat – real or imagined – of infected workers losing their jobs

What can you do to help tackle HIV/AIDS?

Campaigning and education are our chief weapons against the spread of HIV/AIDS, both among our affiliates and the general public

Raise awareness. World AIDS Day happens every year on 1 December.

Find out more about World AIDS Day 2017.