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Action week

Road, rail and urban transport unions united in action

Action Week is an opportunity for unions to:

  • highlight the big issues affecting workers in the road, railway and urban transport sectors
  • emphasise the importance of belonging to a union

Action Week is an international platform for ITF trade unions to speak with a strong, united voice. It gives members the feeling of being part of a powerful, influential global movement.

It also creates a momentum that governments and employers cannot ignore. In fact, some unions have successfully won new legislation, collective bargaining agreements and an increase in members through their Action Week campaigns.

The history of Action Week

Action Week began in 1997 as the ‘Fatigue Kills!’ campaign, an international day of action for road transport workers.

Since then, our affiliates have used the week to:

  • highlight local demands in an international framework
  • bring the issues that matter to the attention of those in power
  • And, since 2013, the action week was expanded to include railway workers’ unions

Read about previous Action Week campaigns. See here

Watch the ITF video Road to a Common Cause

Now it’s your turn to make a difference! For more information, email:

Union achievements have changed workers’ lives


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