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What we do

Representing civil aviation unions worldwide

If you work in civil aviation, you’ll have noticed big changes to the industry recently. ITF has been working hard to ensure that these changes aren’t at the expense of the workers.

Our activities include:

  • meeting regularly with ITF affiliates around the world
  • holding regional seminars in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East   
  • setting up special committees for cabin crew, ground staff, air traffic services and others
  • co-ordinating groups that deal with issues such as occupational health and safety, and low-cost airlines
  • providing support strategies to help our unions organise

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How the ITF helps aviation workers

Thanks to the ITF network, aviation workers are able to:

  • read collective bargaining agreements from other countries
  • show solidarity with workers forming unions in other countries
  • meet each other and build the trust to form collective power
  • analyse company strategies and help stop social dumping and exploitation

The ITF represents civil aviation unions at international regulatory bodies such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) (which sets safety standards), and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and other global and regional organisations.

How aviation workers in Latin America fought back

In Latin America, airlines – now multinational companies­­­ – had adopted anti-union strategies and were ignoring collective bargaining agreements. The workers got together and used their power to win raises year-on-year and have their unions acknowledged, in the face of industry deregulation. Now airline staff have better job security and can freely express their opinion about changes in civil aviation.

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