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Sub-committee: Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE)

Sub-Committee on Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE): undertakes technical and operational matters relating to systems and equipment of vessels, crafts and mobile units, such as life-saving equipment, appliances and arrangements (LSA), fire protection, onboard lifting appliances and anchor handling winches (OLAW) and safety for diving units and systems. The Sub-committee ensures systems and equipment aboard are regulated and certified to enhance the safety of lives and ship, security of cargoes and preservation of sustainable marine environment.

Maritime workers have already experienced transitions of paradigms through various unexpected circumstances. De facto, maritime professionals have been experiencing and adapting all consequences on site. Thus, seafarers already have the knowledge, experiences and competences required. The ITF delegation endeavours to address saving ship’s life and protecting the environment hinges on safe and secure ships with safety-proven systems and equipment provided before boarding.