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Sub-committee: Ship Design and Construction (SDC)

Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction (SDC): 

The Sub-committee on Ship Design and Construction (SDC) undertakes technical and operational matters related to ship design and construction, including subdivision and stability, testing and approval of construction and materials, load lines, tonnage measurement, safety of fishing vessels and the carriage of industrial personnel. The importance is in direct relation to maritime workers’ working and living environment. The Sub-committee aims to improve the shipboard environment taking into account hydrodynamic aspects and the human element.

Regardless of mode types, transportation industries have a great tendency to introduce and adopt new technologies. Transport workers are in the frontline of the consequences of such changes. Industrial Personnel ships, fishing vessels or pleasure yachts in polar waters, wing-in-ground crafts, bulk-carriers, non-bulk carriers, etc., whichever ship you are on or about to be on must have assurance regarding safety and stability.

The key for such assurance is for maritime workers to know how to control a ship with safety and stability under various conditions. The ITF underscores the utmost predominance of human-centred design, appropriate trainings and onboard familiarisation scheme.