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The Role of the IMO

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations since 1958. Headquarters are in London, the United Kingdom with five regional offices in Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, the Philippines and Trinidad and Tobago.

It consists of 174 member States plus three associated Members and more than 145 observer organisations – 64 Inter-Governmental Organisations (IGOs) and 81 Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) (as of 2019). Its six official languages are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

IMO is the global standard-setting authority for the safety, security and environmental performance of international shipping. Its main role is to create a regulatory framework for the global shipping industry that is fair and effective, universally adopted and universally implemented to create a level playing-field so that financial issues do not deter enhancing safety, security and environmental soundness by simply cutting corners and compromising aforementioned pillars. Its governing bodies are Assembly and Council consist of member States. There are five Committees and seven Sub-committees.

The ITF in the IMO

NGOs, as observer delegations to IMO, participate in activities that are directly related to the purpose of the Organisation. The membership is granted when the entity is attested its truly international nature and capability of making a substantial contribution to the work of IMO by providing technical expertise and advice.

The ITF, as a social partner, has been appreciated by diverse UN agencies. In the sphere of IMO, a regulatory body in the maritime, the ITF obtained its consultative status in 1961. We speak on behalf of more than 1 million international maritime workers by advocating maritime humans’ safety regardless one’s geographical location. We do acknowledge the profound roles and responsibilities assigned to us and have been striving to excel to ensure safety and security of maritime human are fully considered at high regulatory level.

ITF delegates to the IMO come from all around the world, various backgrounds, gender and age groups. Such truly international and democratic attributes prove global maritime labour representation and ensure our voices are enshrined in the high-level legislation.

The ITF delegation attends to all IMO bodies and actively participate five Committees and seven Sub-committees throughout the year. According to expertise of each delegate, Working, Drafting and Technical Groups under each Committee/Sub-Committee are covered. The ITF delegates’ hard work also includes continuous contribution to Correspondence Groups, Experts Groups and Editorial & Technical Groups.

The ITF Maritime Safety Committee

The ITF Maritime Safety Committee is a technical body of the Seafarers’ Section, established to represent seafarers’ interests within relevant maritime fora to promote ITF policies and secure the protection or enhancement of Seafarers’ rights and working and living environment within the scope of IMO and other relevant fora.

The Committee prioritises projects to streamline the visions of the ITF and enhance seafarers’ safety and rights. Guidance principles to streamline the representation of the Committee are:

  • Seafarers’ Rights and Criminalisation;
  • Manning and Training;
  • Occupational Health and Safety;
  • Working and living conditions;
  • Ship Safety;
  • Security of Seafarers; and
  • Consequences of Environmental Conventions.

The Maritime Safety Committee Steering Group’s decision-making powers are delegated by the Committee. The Group is established to handle interim guidance and decisions, with the ITF Accredited Representative to the IMO to formulate strategies and provide recommendations to the Committee to be approved by the Seafarers’ Section on all issues under the abovementioned guiding principles.


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Earl W Browne
1 year 9 months ago

The organisation should look at recruitment practices world wide, seafarers sould not be forced out of the industry by recruiters.
A seafarer, should retire volountary, matured seamen are the experienced ones in the industry, and should be given a chance.

طلب توضيف. مهندس سلامه عامه
1 year 2 months ago

بعد التحيةوالتقد ير للجميع. مهندس سلامه عامه خريج..
بكل فخر واعتزاز اتمنى العمل مع هذه النخبه الطيبه المباركه ت. جده 0568603766 جامعة حسين بن عبدالله الاردن

Naglaa fathe
9 months 1 week ago

اريد ان اتوصل إلى منظمه الدوليه بخصوص مشاكل البحاره

9 months ago

للاسف الشديد فى ميناء السدرة النفطي لم تطبق
النظم واللوائح المحلية والدولية حسب قوانين البحرية

tito ludeña
8 months 3 weeks ago

es aplicable en todo los paises mienbros?
o el pais tiene q otorgar la autorizacion o vigencia

احمد محمد ابراهيم العلايلي
7 months 2 weeks ago

عندي مشكله في المعاش اريد حلها لاني عضو في النقابه البحريه

علاء الدين زكي السكري
5 months 1 week ago

هل تهتم المنظمة بالموانئ وتقيم تقديم الخدمات بها وهل هناك معاير للمقارنة بين الموانئ الدولية وتقنيات للأداء

4 months 2 weeks ago

I worked as an interpreter in the G. C. P. I.that's the Genral company for Ports of Iraq in Basra. I want to contact with you as a public participant. To show Recent Developments of ITF for seafarers affairs

mahesh Asantha Liyanapathirana!
4 months ago

Dear Sir! I am mahesh Asantha Liyanapathirana! I hereby inform you that 15 Sri Lankans, including myself, have been on duty on the ship NYK SILVIA 9419656, MMSI: 353690000 since 23 December 2021. We have signed a contract with Anglo East for 9 consecutive months on duty aboard the NYK SILVIA cargo ship.Anglo Eastern Company unfairly violates the terms of the contract, limiting our service period to seven months and attempting to dismiss us.The agency says this is reason because we did not vaccinate Covid!The captain forces us to sign a letter stating that we "intends to leave the ship voluntarily."Before we left Sri Lanka, we asked the ship's agency in Sri Lanka if we wanted to get the Covid vaccine, but the officials said it was not necessary. They rejected our request!Our ship continues to sail between Japan, Vietnam and Thailand and we are prohibited from out of ship for any reason.We all follow this command. Our service will end on April 29, 2022.But Anglo East has been notified by email that it will be forcibly deported on January 28 this month in violation of the Terms of Service.I kindly request you to help us in every way and give us relief in this regard.Thanking You!

Ade pramono
1 month 2 weeks ago

I was working onborad at mv aegean odyssey panama flag for 20 day,i was sign the contract for 8 months.we feel discrimnation for indonesian worker at those ship.there is no regulation policy for crew member by owner mr nicous tourvas.because the small thing we didnt used hand gloves when carrying something he sent me home with my friend.thats only small thing dindt give a warning first but sometime he was saw someone else have a mistake from other nationality but he didnt take a acts but if indonesian make a small mistake he will make like a seriously.
Can you help us to solved the problem.?
We expensed a lot of mkney to get some jobs but only for 20 days but after small mistake he was cut our contracts.
Ship name mv aegean odyssey
Number IMO 7225910
Email :

1 month 1 week ago

I am a sailor. I work for the Mohamed Youssef Company located in Lebanon. I work under threat from the company, deprivation of food, and a salary of no more than $100. They do not allow me to go to my country, as well as physical assault. I hope to be able to communicate with an organization that preserves my rights as a sailor.