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Our people

We believe that the way to get the best possible public transport system is to work together. We represent public transport workers and we have built alliances with passengers, providers, funders and policy makers. We also have teams of researchers and campaigners supporting our projects on the ground.

We are governed by the ITF executive board and given our mandate by the board and congress. ITF’s urban transport steering committee is accountable to the road and rail sections.

The chair and vice-chairs of the urban transport steering committee are elected at the urban transport committee meeting held in conjunction with the ITF congress.

Section officers

Dirk Schlömer

Chair of the ETF urban public transport committee

Vivian Acosta

Women’s Representative for Urban Transport, SNTT, Colombia

John Mark Mwanika

Chair, ATGWU, Uganda

CA Rajasridhar

Vice Chair (Rail), AIRF, India

Jas Giri

Youth Representative for Urban Transport, RMTU, New Zealand

Committee members

Astrid Konig

Kommunal, Sweden

José Antonio Naranjo Burcio

CCOO, Spain

John Lyons

ATU, United States

Antoaneta Stoimenova

FTTUB, Bulgaria

Khadija Maagli

UMT, Morocco

Shayne Kummerfeld

RTBU, Australia

Andreas Schackert

Ver.di, Germany

Len Poirier

UNIFOR, Canada

Nelson Montfort

CGT, France

Dan Mihadi

TAWU, Kenya

Pinyo Rueanpetch

SRUT, Thailand

Francisco Mora

SNTT, Colombia

Robert Morton


Shiva Gopal Mishra

AIRF, India

Gora Khouma

URS, Senegal

Toshihiko Sumino


John Samuelsen


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3 years 11 months ago

What amazing trade union leaders we have in urban transport!