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Uniting workers globally for rights, equality and justice.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is a democratic, affiliate-led federation recognised as the world’s leading transport authority. We exist solely to protect and improve workers' lives and futures.

Transport workers form the lifeblood of the global economy, linking critical supply chains, markets and societies, keeping our world moving.

We are the transport industry – 18.5 million workers strong. This is our life, our livelihood and our future. We are taking a stand for ourselves, for each other, for workers everywhere.

In a world of growing inequality, increasing attacks on human rights, rising authoritarianism, corruption, and corporate greed, we're united as a single voice of solidarity.  We are standing up for our rights, shifting power capital to workers,  and winning a just, equal and sustainable future for us all.

Our story
We are transport. Meet the people of ITF, working to connect and amplify the voice of transport workers around the world.
We are a democratic, affiliate-led federation, connecting and leveraging the power of trade unions from 153 countries.
We are the world’s leading transport authority, with offices in London, Abidjan, Amman, Brussels, Geneva, Hong Kong, Montreal, Nairobi, New Delhi, Panama City, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Sydney and, Tokyo.
We are the voice of millions

We provide a platform for 18.5 million transport workers to ensure their voice is heard.

How we got here
Our history
Founded in 1896, the ITF was built on the premise of international solidarity and a belief that ‘unity is strength’. ITF has played a key role in advocating for and improving working conditions for transport workers since the trade union movement began, and continues to be a driving force for transformation across the globe.
Our impact
ITF is raising the voice of workers to improve the lives of workers. The leadership, advocacy, campaigning and direct action of ITF and our affiliated unions – at country, regional and global levels – has had a significant and tangible impact on workers' lives and futures, both improving local conditions and raising international standards.
In memory
Remembering the lives and contributions of those who have fought for social justice, economic progress and to improve the rights and working conditions of transport workers around the world – to move us, and the world – forward.

Where we're heading
We believe in a world underpinned by social and economic justice; where all workers are treated equally – with dignity and respect; where everyone can work in a safe environment free from fear and discrimination; and where every worker is paid a wage that recognises their crucial role in society as the drivers of our economic wealth and prosperity.
ITF’s ambitious work programme is pushing the envelope for worker-driven change using our three strategic directions to win meaningful change in pursuit of our vision.
ITF is democratically governed by our affiliated unions. Congress – our highest decision-making body – brings together all our members every five years to set our priorities. Our Constitution lays out our principles, rules, regulations and the way we work.