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Our purpose and values

Our vision

We work for a world where all workers are treated equally – with dignity and respect; where everyone can work in a safe environment free from fear and discrimination; and where each worker is paid a fair and decent wage. We’re moving forward, together. We’re driving a future that’s better.

Our Purpose

The ITF constitution sets out the following aims:

To promote respect for trade union and human rights worldwide
To work for peace based on social justice and economic progress
To help our affiliated unions defend the interests of their members
To provide research and information services to our affiliates
To provide general assistance to transport workers in difficulty

At the ITF, our values are at the heart of all that we do.

We demonstrate solidarity

We are internationalists committed to the global labour movement. Our strength lies in our collectivism and we stand together, across all borders, to achieve our goals.

We are democratic

We celebrate diversity and ensure that all of our members are equally understood, supported, and represented. Our methods are transparent and we remain accountable to our fellow workers and our communities.

We are dynamic

We are agile and continually develop in the way that we work. We develop foresight and anticipate change to ensure we take the lead. Learning from our proud history, we use our knowledge and experience to fight for our members.

We are determined

We are resolute in our pursuit of the ITF’s vision. We make commitments and we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling them. We lead by example and remain true to our values in the face of all challenges.