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Representing railway workers around the world. Railway workers include train drivers, engineers, guards, control officers, signal staff, yard officials, shunters, rolling stock and track maintenance workers, cleaners, caterers, ticket staff and customer service professionals.

We fight for the rights of railway workers through: campaigning, education, research and solidarity. We share information and coordinate action to combat the negative effects of restructuring, privatisation and outsourcing.

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News | 12 Feb 2019 Press Release

ITF solidarity with Belgium strike

“On behalf of the 18 million transport workers of the ITF, I send support and solidarity to the workers of Belgium in their campaign to win a fair share of their...

News | 22 Jan 2019

Rail unions organise at the ITF

The officials met at ITF House, London, to discuss tactics for organising in private rail companies. The aim of the workshop was to explore possible solidarity...

News | 21 Jan 2019

ITF unions take action for Thai union leaders

Activists in India, France, South Korea, the UK, Japan, and Turkey took solidarity action and delivered messages to their country’s Thai embassies. The seven...

News | 18 Jan 2019 Press Release

Persecution of union leaders ‘shames Thailand’

However, the mission has welcomed positive meetings it has had with government officials in the last two days about the long-running case. The seven SRUT leaders...

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The ITF co-ordinates practical solidarity for transport unions around the world. By bringing unions together, we can ensure better working conditions, improve workers’ rights, and create a just and fair society for everyone.

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