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Sub-committee: Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR)

Sub-Committee on Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR): undertakes the pollution implications at open sea and ashore, by three dimensions; the air, on the sea and under the sea. To achieve the pollution prevention goal, through six Annexes of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), the control and management of harmful aquatic organisms in ships' ballast water and sediments, biofouling, anti-fouling system, pollution preparedness, response and cooperation for oil, standards for the carriage of hazardous and noxious substances and recycling of ships are regulated.

Throughout the global public health crisis geographical tensions escalated and it has been unequivocally proven that the role of seafarers is indispensable in pollution prevention. Noting that marine environmental related issues are related to the safety and health of seafarers’ aboard and ashore, the ITF endeavours to put the human-centred perspective as the utmost priority and ensures is fully considered in the health and safety of maritime workers in pollution prevention and response associated regulations.