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Legal Committee (LEG)

Legal Committee (LEG): undertakes legal issues including liability, compensation and indemnity matters in shipping, such as the abandonment of seafarers (find relevant information to access to ILO/IMO joint database on reported incidents of abandonment of seafarers, fair treatment of seafarers in case of maritime accidents – pollution incidents and accidents, passenger claims, wreck removal or marine crimes. Taking into account the myriad of multinational stakeholders involved in the industry, development, implementation, and enforcement of universal statutory measures are essential to enhance the safety and security of maritime workers.

The introduction of state-of-the-art technologies onboard and on shore can harness better connectivity between ship to shore via digitalisation which is crucial to shipping.  Furthermore, there are increasing factors urging the need to enhance connectivity in shipping, i.e. new regulatory measures for environmental protection abrupt outbreaks of a global public health crisis and geopolitical tensions. The industry must be prepared, otherwise, a great deal of maritime workers’ social, economic and career rights will be at stake, which will undoubtedly result in threats to maritime.

The ITF makes sure that maritime workers have appropriate authorities corresponding to the level of statutory responsibilities that are required by the current international regulatory framework.