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Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) focuses on the core ideas and values of social democracy – freedom, justice and solidarity

This connects us them to social democracy and free trade unions. As a non-profit institution, they organise their work autonomously and independently. Their international network of offices in more than 100 countries, supports a policy for peaceful cooperation and human rights, promotes the establishment and consolidation of democratic, social and constitutional structures and pioneers for free trade unions and a strong civil society. FES are actively involved in promoting a social, democratic and competitive Europe in the European integration process.

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David Mwangi Mukabi
3 months ago

Iam happy with your organisation and hope to have more knowledge and support from you

Malik Zafar ijaz
2 months 2 weeks ago

I am a trade unionist in Pakistan Railway Workers Union as a Secretary General, so we should like to organise and unite struggle for all over world from Railway Workers , now this time three ideology frist imperialism second left ideology an 3rd is social democracy so I think 3rd ideology is most realistic approach and workable for working class, it's long debate within labour class so if possible I would like to invite and initiate to work Social democracy program in labour class
Malik Zafar ijaz
Secretary General
Railway Workers Union
Open line
Whatsap no 0300-4284432

2 months ago

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