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Asia Pacific young workers strengthen networks

15 Aug 2017
Young transport workers from ITF unions in Asia Pacific have been learning how to build a network of activists and young leaders so they can play a powerful role in campaigning and organising for better wins.

Seventeen men and nine women participated in an ITF workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal from 31 July to 2 August.

They shared experiences, discussed the challenges facing unions in the region, learnt about union organising and leadership development, and addressed how young workers could get more involved in ITF campaigns. Topics also included how to overcome young workers’ lack of knowledge about what a union could do for them and strategies to activate passive members.

They expressed their concern over the growing trend of precarious work arrangements, which are denying workers access to social security, workplace entitlements and benefits, and career progression and development. They discussed how to organise precarious workers and the need to be involved in the debate on the future of work.

Watch the short video filmed by participants. 

Participant Seno from Cecilio III in the Philippines said: “Trade unions have survived the first, second and third industrial revolutions. In the fast changing world of work caused by automation it is the responsibility of today’s young workers – who will be tomorrow’s union leaders – to face the new challenges in this fourth industrial revolution. Our input on these issues will be a key part of ITF Congress in 2018.”

ITF youth co-ordinator Baker Khundakji commented that young transport workers are determined to become the next generation of union campaigners, organisers and leaders, and the ITF will continue to support their growth and will keep young transport workers high on its agenda.

The workshop was held in co-operation with the union Nepal Yatayat Mazdoor Sangh (NETWON) and the Independent Transport Workers' Association of Nepal (ITWAN). It was supported by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung as part of the programme to build an ITF young transport workers network in the Asia Pacific region, as part of the ITF global young transport workers network.

Read what other participants had to say. 

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