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2 years 11 months ago

I have experienced working under Maersk chartered ships, there what I find unsafe is forcing the ships management to force seafarers carry out some risky tasks to save minutes. What I experienced 2 risky things where Maersk tables force us;
1- to unplug reefers while the gantry is discharging the containers on higher tiers,
2- The gangway and her net to be ready prior berthing, the Maersk instructions says once the pilot is onboard, during the pilotage passage until berth to carry out this task to have quick rigging of the gang way and net.
As a manager the first instance I found this is completely violating the safety of the crew just to save a couple of minutes and avoided doing some idiots instructions, but there're many idiots sitting behind the desks of Maersk ground staff.

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