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International law on violence: ITF pushes work forward

ニュース 26 Jun 2018

The ITF had a delegation at the ILC that included women from Kenya, Peru and Canada, and was led by Jodi Evans and Claire Clarke from the ITF women’s department. 

The team worked closely with transport union representatives from their national delegations and played a central role within the workers group before and during this historic committee.

This included providing strategic arguments and examples for the workers’ group spokesperson, and lobbying government and employer representatives to win key language for transport workers, and in particular women workers. 

The ITF delegation included Lisa Kelly, director of Unifor women’s department: “The ITF was of notable value to the workers' group. We achieved several areas of inclusive language during this demanding negotiation as a direct result of the growing international collaboration to end violence against women transport workers. This is work that has been led by the ITF.”

Key outcomes include:

  • Agreement that the instrument will take the form of a convention and recommendation, which will provide the strongest opportunity for workers and their unions. 
  • The scope will include employer provided accommodation, journeys to and from work, domestic violence that impacts on work, and highlight the significance of gender-based violence and intersecting risk factors, including migrant status. 

There is still work to be done around the definitions of the convention and recommendation before they are adopted by the ILC at the end of a two-year process.

“In 2013, the ITF women’s committee decided to prioritise developing a coordinated international programme for the prevention and elimination of violence that is so widespread in our industry,” commented Ekaterina Yordanova, ITF women’s vice-president, member of Bulgaria’s national delegation to the ILC and member of the workers’ bureau.

“We received strong support at all levels of the ITF. The recent ETF ‘Safe at Home, Safe at Work’ survey on violence and harassment against women in the transport sector, and the Unifor women’s advocacy programme, paved the way to our first successes as a federation.” 

To share your experiences of violence at work, and to get involved in the campaign to win this history-making international law, please email

Documents from the ILC standard setting committee are available here

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ニュース 記者発表資料 10 Jun 2024


紅海で発生した事件は、「便宜置籍船」の増殖を許すことの危険性を示している。 ITF マリタイム・コーディネーターの ジャクリーン・スミス – アルジャジーラ による報道。 4 月 13 日、イラン・イスラム革命防衛隊の海軍部隊が、ホルムズ海峡でポルトガル船籍のコンテナ船、 MSC アリエス号を拿捕し、乗組員を拘束した。本船はスイスに本社を置くメディタレニアン海運会社が、イスラエルの大富豪エアフ
ニュース 06 Jun 2024


 トルコの港湾労働者は、敵対的な使用者から、自ら組合を選んで加入する権利を攻撃されている。  ボルサン港の港湾労働者は 3 月、港湾労組の リマン・イシュ に加入した。使用者のボルサン・ロジスティック AS はこれを受け、 6 人を解雇した。この6人はその後、地元の政治家の介入により、復職した。  5 月 21 日、同社は労働者が自ら選んだ組合に加入する権利を尊重するという約束を反故にし、 37
ニュース 04 Jun 2024


国際運輸労連( ITF )は、アルバネーゼ政権の第 3 次予算において、オーストラリア戦略的船隊への投資が発表されたことを歓迎する。 豪州戦略的船隊は、 2022 年の連邦政府選挙の重要な公約であり、 オーストラリアのような主要島嶼国の経済における海運と貨物輸送の重要性に焦点をあてるものだ。 戦略的商船隊の設立を支援するため、 2024 年から 25 年までの 5 年間で 2,170