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Training & Education | 10 Sep 2019

ITF Youth - building a campaign, summer school 2019

The elements of building a campaign. Youth summer school 2019

Training & Education | 10 Sep 2019

ITF Youth PPT presentation - Summer school 2019

ITF Youth - Delivering Congress outcomes, Powerpoint presentation, Summer school 2019 Congress Resolutions 2018

Training & Education | 20 Mar 2019

Towards sustainable, low-carbon mobility

This discussion document has been produced by the ITF Climate Change Working Group in collaboration with the Global Labor Institute (GLI), School of Industrial and...

Training & Education | 18 Mar 2019

Organising precarious workers

Guide to organising trade union membership and rights among informal and precarious transport workers

Training & Education | 14 Mar 2019

Developing Strategic Campaigns

The ITF manual Developing Strategic Campaigns is designed to help us take real and specific problems with employers or governments and turn them into detailed and...

Training & Education | 13 Mar 2019

ITF youth pack: helping unions to organise young workers

To build strong unions now and for the future it is crucial that the labour movement reaches out to groups of workers that have traditionally fallen through the...

Training & Education | 19 Feb 2019

Organising manual

The ITF organising manual is for trade union educators and activists who want to develop and strengthen their organising skills. The manual contains real...

Training & Education | 18 Feb 2019

Organising manual

Why training and educating workers is important. The importance of the training benchmark for organising. Different training formats, including one-to-one, small...