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News | 08 Mar 2019

International call for release of Kenyan trade union leaders

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), representing 18 million workers in 147 countries, is calling for the immediate release of Moses Ndiema,...

News | 05 Feb 2019 Press Release

ITF and ETF welcome announcement that Ryanair chairman will step down

The announcement, which comes alongside the company’s poor quarterly results, follows a period in which Mr Bonderman has been heavily criticised by trade unions...

News | 18 Jan 2019

ITF to work more closely with federation representing air traffic services workers

On Monday 14 January, ITF general secretary Stephen Cotton and IFAIMA president Fernando Henriques Lopes signed the memorandum to bring the work of the two...

Page | 18 Nov 2018

Challenges and opportunities in aviation

Aviation has always been a tech-heavy sector, but now the use of tech is spreading beyond the aircraft and the control tower. There are many technologies being...

News | 28 Sep 2018

ITF and ETF condemn Ryanair’s attempts to obstruct strike action

Cabin crew in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain are taking simultaneous industrial action today, leading to the most widespread Ryanair...

Page | 21 Sep 2018

Who we are

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Campaigns | 04 Jan 2018

End the lockout for Fiji airport workers

Air Terminal Services (ATS) provides ground handling at the Nadi International Airport and employs 250 workers. This includes baggage handling, check in,...