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News | 12 Sep 2019 Press Release

California AB 5 law: now we need a global law for ‘gig’ workers

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is calling for the new AB 5 law in California to be the inspiration for global rules that protect ‘gig’...

Page | 24 Nov 2018

Impact of speed on parcel delivery workers

The ITF has been working alongside Sheffield University to study the impact of speed and innovation on parcel delivery workers Online shopping is now fundamental...

Page | 24 Nov 2018

Industrial hubs programme

Global unions building industrial power #OurHubs “The ITF is connecting workers who are part of the same supply chains. This approach will help us to defeat...

Page | 23 Nov 2018

Components to carriers

Supporting workers on the supply chain The Components to carriers network is global, bringing together aviation, logistics and aerospace unions and activists. Its...

Page | 23 Nov 2018

Our people

Organising across supply chains We believe the way to improve workers’ lives is to work together. That’s why we’ve built alliances with other supply chain...

Page | 23 Nov 2018

What we do

Increasing worker power across the supply chain Rapid changes in the transport industry mean it’s a busy time for the ITF supply chain and logistics section....