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Page | 06 Dec 2018

FNV and FNV Mondiaal

Mondiaal FNV is part of the FNV trade union confederation FNV, the largest Trade Union Confederation of The Netherlands support international trade union...

Page | 06 Dec 2018

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) focuses on the core ideas and values of social democracy – freedom, justice and solidarity This connects us them to social...

Page | 06 Dec 2018

Union to Union

Union to Union are the Swedish solidarity support organisation They promote decent work, democracy, a fair distribution of resources and sustainable development....

Page | 06 Dec 2018


SASK is the development cooperation organisation of the Finnish trade union movement Their aim is to promote decent work and living wages for everyone. They...

Page | 06 Dec 2018

Projects and supporters

The foundation for our work is the mandate from the ITF’s Singapore Congress Growing and activating membership, innovative campaigning and influencing global and...

Page | 24 Nov 2018

Our people

The global Union Builders come from a range of individual backgrounds, all coming together as a global team The senior leadership is based in London, the...