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News | 17 Sep 2019

Global climate strike 20-27 September 2019

Climate strikes: A Statement from the Young Transport workers' committee   Following on from the ITF Congress in October 2018 there has been a renewed call from...

Training & Education | 20 Mar 2019

Towards sustainable, low-carbon mobility

This discussion document has been produced by the ITF Climate Change Working Group in collaboration with the Global Labor Institute (GLI), School of Industrial and...

News | 06 Mar 2019 Press Release

ITF takes fight for social, economic and environmental justice to the Vatican

Addressing the transport union and manufacturers summit at the Vatican City, ITF president Paddy Crumlin said that globalisation has failed working people in some...

Page | 22 Nov 2018

Climate justice blog

Follow the latest reports, comments, pictures and video clips on the ITF climate justice blog ITF unions are taking action in the ongoing pursuit of climate...

Page | 22 Nov 2018

Climate action day

Our public transport - a solution to climate change "Taking climate action with public transport represents one of the biggest economic opportunities of the 21st...

Page | 22 Nov 2018

Climate justice education

How ITF helps unions with climate change training We have developed a climate justice education and training programme that includes seminars, education materials...

Page | 21 Nov 2018

Trade unions for energy democracy

ITF works for climate justice as part  of the Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED) initiative TUED is a global community of trade unions working together to...

Page | 21 Nov 2018

Climate justice activities

ITF’s work to tackle climate change The ITF is committed to playing an active role in supporting and coordinating trade union initiatives on climate change. As...

Page | 21 Nov 2018

What we do

Supporting trade union action on climate change Transport is a significant and growing source of carbon emissions. The ITF is committed to supporting and...