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News | 30 Jun 2021

LGBT+ transport workers need solidarity, not ‘rainbow capitalism’

Attitudes to sexual orientation and gender identity have changed for the better all over the world in the last two decades, towards openness and acceptance. For the...

Campaigns | 10 Dec 2018

World Aids Day 2018

Around 37 million people in the world are living with HIV, the highest number ever. Many of those who are infected, do not know their HIV status. It is very...

Page | 20 Nov 2018

I know my status - HIV/AIDS

I Know My Status HIV/AIDS education film for seafarers 'I Know My Status' is part of the ITF's campaign to remove the stigma and discrimination that still exists...

Page | 20 Nov 2018

The storytelling project

The programme removing the stigma from HIV/AIDS Two of the biggest obstacles to effective HIV prevention are stigma and the discrimination associated with it,...

Page | 20 Nov 2018

Inland transport and HIV/AIDS

Cutting infections in the road and railway sectors Road transport and railway workers are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection. The reasons run deeper than just...

Page | 20 Nov 2018

HIV/AIDS in the civil aviation sector

An ITF study on the impact of the virus  Many of those living with HIV are transport workers. Long absences from home and a lack of effective health and safety...

Page | 20 Nov 2018

Our people

Your representatives in promoting HIV/AIDS as a union issue The ITF HIV/AIDS programme is run by programme coordinator Asif Altaf. We have an ITF HIV/AIDS network...

Page | 20 Nov 2018

What we do

The HIV/AIDS agenda is to keep transport workers and their families healthy and safe During the 40th ITF congress in Vancouver in 2002 there was a resolution to...

Campaigns | 01 Dec 2017

World Aids Day 2017

Help us keep transport workers healthy and happy The transport industry is a vital partner in the response to HIV/AIDS. It moves millions of people every day, both...