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News | 03 Apr 2020

International solidarity unlocks key agreement for South Korean workers

After nine months of organising, workers at UPS in South Korea have won their first ever collective bargaining agreement at the company. As part of the agreement,...

News | 13 Dec 2019

#UnionWin! Korean truck drivers get safe rates of pay

It is more than one-month late, but Korean truck drivers finally have the guarantee of safe rates of pay that the government promised. It is a major victory for...

News | 31 Aug 2019 Press Release

Korea: global delegation joins 5,000 truck drivers to push for safe rates of pay

An ITF delegation of union activists has been in South Korea to support truck drivers in their demand that the government keeps its promise to make the roads...

News | 15 Aug 2019

Unions plan Eurasian railway cooperation 

An ITF delegation has been in South Korea as rail unions in the region plan to work closely across a key transport corridor.  The ITF railway section chair, David...

News | 11 Apr 2019

ITF joins call for fundamental rights in Korea 

The ITF is joining a call by Korean workers for their government to ratify core International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and guarantee...