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Reports & Publications | 16 Apr 2019

The Impact of the Future of Work for Women in Public Transport

Public transport workers are facing important changes due to the introduction of technologies that have the potential to further transform the way that work is...

Page | 10 Dec 2018

Understanding new technology

The deployment of new technology under capitalism has always been a huge challenge for workers. This is because new technology is basically used to reduce costs and...

Page | 10 Dec 2018

What's the challenge?

Technology. Revolution. These are words that are much in the air at the moment. The use of new technology, it is said, will transform the workplace and society. We...

Page | 07 Dec 2018

Tool kit for union leaders

The toolkit is a package of materials and information intended to inform the response of unions to the introduction of new technology. This consists of a framework...

Page | 19 Nov 2018

Technology in ports

ITF’s dockers’ unions have been at the sharp end of port automation. Due to new technology we have seen jobs disappear, change and shift...

Page | 18 Nov 2018

Challenges and opportunities in aviation

Aviation has always been a tech-heavy sector, but now the use of tech is spreading beyond the aircraft and the control tower. There are many technologies being...

Page | 18 Nov 2018

Youth and new technology

Young people will be disproportionately affected by new technology in the workplace and the economy for the simple reason that they will have more of their working...

Page | 18 Nov 2018

The future of work

As a global organisation the ITF has an obligation to look at events from the global, the macro perspective. As an organisation of trade unions we also have an...

Page | 05 Nov 2018

Workers, transport and the economy

Automation and artificial intelligence does not remove human labour from the economy, it shifts and creates jobs elsewhere. Employment shift  Automation leads to...