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News | 02 Oct 2019

ITF launches global news app

The ITF has a launched a new app to deliver the latest news from the ITF directly to smartphones.  The app includes: news alerts from the ITF  personalised...

News | 12 Sep 2019 Press Release

California AB 5 law: now we need a global law for ‘gig’ workers

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is calling for the new AB 5 law in California to be the inspiration for global rules that protect ‘gig’...

Page | 19 Nov 2018

New technology in fisheries

The fisheries sector is notorious for dangerous and poor working conditions. New technology could help to resolve some of the problems in the sector, but...

Page | 19 Nov 2018

Technology in inland navigation

Workers on the world’s rivers are exposed to the same technological trends as workers elsewhere: the increased use and integration of communications technologies,...

Page | 19 Nov 2018

Ship automation why do we have to care?

The world is changing rapidly under digitalisation. The value of automation emerges when these technologies are applied. Shipping is no exception. Almost 90 per...

Page | 19 Nov 2018

New technology on the road

Across the world the media is abuzz with articles excitedly discussing the development of driverless vehicles. Yet a handful of sceptics don’t think it will ever...