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Page | 18 Feb 2019

Around the world

From union members around the world

News | 15 Feb 2019 Press Release

Persecution of union members in Morocco 'totally unacceptable'

The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) has called for immediate action by the Alsa bus company in Tangier, Morocco, after a concerted campaign to...

News | 05 Feb 2019

Union office for Alsa-National Express to open in Tangier

ITF union the UMT has announced the launch of its first union office in Tangier dedicated to organising workers at the multinational transport company Alsa....

News | 01 Feb 2019

Bus Rapid Transit labour assessment launched

The ITF has launched a ground-breaking report by the Global Labour Institute looking at the impact on public transport workers of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)...

Page | 18 Nov 2018

Technology in public transport

Urban areas are one of the main deployment sites of new technology, as highlighted by the smart city concept. Cities are more densely populated globally, and have...

News | 12 Sep 2017

Organising informal transport workers? Read new ITF booklet

The 45-page booklet – The power of informal transport workers – analyses the informal transport industry and examines the issues faced by informal workers, new...

News | 05 Oct 2016

Unions make plans for BRT in Africa

BRT is spreading rapidly across the continent as authorities see it as cheap alternative to light rail for providing accessible, affordable public transport. BRT...

News | 27 Nov 2015

Unions call for concerted response to BRT expansion

BRT is a transport model that aims to improve existing city transportation systems – with the use of dedicated lanes and other technical and organisational...