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News | 15 Jan 2021

Chilean Senate debates new law for crew conditions on emergency flights, ITF weighs in support

ITF leaders have participated in a session in the Labour and Social Welfare Commission of the Chilean Senate bringing their expertise and experience at ICAO into a...

News | 05 Jul 2019

Court rules in favour of Chilean aviation workers

The court of appeals in Chile has backed workers of the Latam Express Union in their battle for justice following a strike in 2018. The court unanimously held...

News | 14 Jun 2019

Landmark ruling in favour of Ryanair crew

The ruling marks the latest episode in a legal saga involving the Irish low-cost carrier, which traditionally employed all its pan-European crew on Irish or British...

Campaigns | 08 May 2019

Organising Delta Air Lines: International action

Delta workers are organising for union representation with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM). The global ITF family is here to...

News | 05 Feb 2019 Press Release

ITF and ETF welcome announcement that Ryanair chairman will step down

The announcement, which comes alongside the company’s poor quarterly results, follows a period in which Mr Bonderman has been heavily criticised by trade unions...