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Page | 05 Jun 2019

People’s Public Transport Policy

The ITF has developed the People’s Public Transport Policy, based on three sources: existing ITF policies and statements; recent developments and experiences in...

Page | 11 Apr 2019

Proposals 11-14: Women's Equality

Women in public transport Public transport plays an important role in the lives of women. However, it remains a male-dominated sector. This is evident in women’s...

Page | 05 Mar 2019

Proposals 20-23: Climate change

We believe in transport and energy democracy If we act NOW, there is still a chance of stopping dangerous climate change.  Bold policies are needed, and they must...

Page | 05 Mar 2019

Proposals 15-19: Technology

We believe in worker control of technology Technology plays an important role our workplaces and societies. Technology cannot be divorced from the issue of power...

Page | 05 Mar 2019

Proposals 7-10: Employment

We believe in decent work There are millions of public transport workers across the globe. The most visible workers are those who drive vehicles and work at...

Page | 05 Mar 2019

Proposals 4-6: Public financing

We believe in public financing Financing public transport means investing in the environment, our communities and future generations. It has to be given much...

Page | 05 Mar 2019

Proposals 1-3: Public ownership

We believe in public ownership Public transport belongs to all of us. Our buses, trains, trams, minibuses, taxis, metros, trolleybuses, urban and national railways...

Page | 28 Feb 2019

Consultation: People’s public transport policy

We need your contribution to the ITF’s People’s Public Transport Policy! The ITF is developing our alternative social model of public transport. These proposals...

Reports & Publications | 28 Nov 2011

The Mexico City Policy Edition 2

ITF policy on minimum conditions on merchant ships