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News | 26 Jun 2019

ILO renews social contract with centenary declaration

ITF general secretary Stephen Cotton has delivered a clear message to the International Labour Organisation (ILO): now is the time to assert authority as the...

News | 22 Jun 2019

ITF hails historic convention

The first ever international standard on violence and harassment in the world of work has been adopted at the centenary International Labour Conference (ILC) of the...

News | 28 May 2019

Activist climbs Everest in ILO convention campaign 

An activist from the ITF-affiliated Union of Trekking, Travel, Rafting and Airlines Workers Nepal (UNITRAV), has climbed Mount Everest to...

News | 15 Feb 2019

ITF seminar in Nepal on ILO convention on ending violence at work

The ITF has hosted a regional seminar on how unions can lobby their governments to push for an ILO convention on ending violence and harassment at work. Thirty-six...

Page | 23 Nov 2018

Tunisians win ground breaking law on violence against women

After 20 years of struggle, the women of Tunisia, alongside Tunisian feminist organisations, civil society, and the women’s committee of ITF affiliate the UGTT,...

Campaigns | 14 Nov 2018

UN Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls 2018

On UN Day 2017, we encouraged and supported all affiliates to join the ITUC coordinated campaign, and lobby governments for a strong new International Standard on...

Campaigns | 11 Nov 2018

World toilet day 2018

The ITF Congress fringe event gave us the mandate to act collectively across the ITF on safe access to decent sanitation facilities, so let’s take our message to...

Campaigns | 08 Mar 2018

International Women’s Day 8 March 2018

International Women’s Day is recognised, celebrated and supported by thousands of organisations and individuals across the world. 2018 is a momentous year for...

Campaigns | 05 Oct 2017

End violence against women UN day 2017

Violence against women - whether it's physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse, in the home, in the workplace or the community - is a trade union issue....