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People’s Public Transport Policy

The People’s Public Transport Policy provides our vision for a social model of public transport. The 28 policy demands relate to six key areas of public transport: public ownership, public financing, employment and decent work, women in public transport, worker control of technology and climate change. The detailed chapters are based on three sources: existing ITF policies and statements; recent developments and experiences in the urban transport sector; and external contributions from organisations and activists. The chapters developed by these organisations represent the views of their contributing authors and are not necessarily consistent with those of the ITF and its affiliates. Each chapter includes case studies, as well as supporting campaign materials and education resources.

People's Public Transport Policy Demands

Chapter 1 Public ownership by WeOwnIt

Chapter 2 Public financing by Centre for Research on Employment

Chapter 3 Employment and decent work by Julie Porter

Chapter 4 Women in public transport - chapter coming soon.

Chapter 5 Worker control of technology: The smart city by Peter Bihr at The Waving Cat and Victor Figueroa, ITF future of work policy advisor.

Chapter 6 Public transport and the fight against climate change by Trade Unions for Energy Democracy


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