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Webinar: ITF Sustainable Shipping Policy Launch and Industry Roundtable

Where do seafarers fit into a sustainable shipping future?

Free Online Event: Friday 29 October 2021 • 08.00 EDT / 13.00 BST / 14.00 CEST / 17.30 IST / 20.00 PHST via Zoom

With COP26 taking place in Glasgow in just a few weeks’ time, the future of global shipping is being decided right now - but are seafarers at the table?

Seafarers and other maritime workers want to know where they—and their jobs—fit into plans to quit carbon.

They’re asking what the future of their work will look like. Will they need to retrain? Will seafaring become safer, or more dangerous, in handling new alternative fuels?

This 90-minute policy launch and roundtable brings together key voices from shipowners, industry experts and seafarers themselves.

Our impressive panel will debate what a just transition from fossil fuels would look like for the world’s 1.65 million international seafarers.

Moderated by Dave Heindel, our guests will discuss some of the potential risks to seafarers as the industry attempts to quit carbon at rapid pace. But they will also reflect on what opportunities the challenge of decarbonisation brings to improve seafarer working lives, training and safety. Attendees will be able to ask questions in the chat of the online event.

    •    David Heindel Chair - ITF Seafarers’ Section, Sustainable Shipping Working Group
    •    Guy Platten  Secretary General - ICS (International Chamber of Shipping)
    •    Stephen Cotton General Secretary - ITF
    •    Katharine Palmer Shipping Lead UN High Level Climate Champions team for COP26
    •    Sooraj Chandran Seafarer, NUSI member (India)
    •    Captain Fraser Matthew Seafarer, Nautilus member (Great Britain)
    •    Lindsey Austin Seafarer, SIU member (USA)