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IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC)

IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC): undertakes matters in relation to the maritime safety and security covering all passenger and merchant ships. The Committee develops and updates safety, security and environmental protection related international maritime regulations to safeguard the 90 per cent of global trade. Safety at sea is a multi-dimension concept which requires broad areas to be regulated from the ship’s design, manning, education and training until the scraping of a ship. Consequently, the Committee encompasses a wide range of agendas, such as human element related issues including training and certification of seafarers, fatigues, carriage of dangerous goods, life-saving appliances and fire safety systems, goal-based standards, advanced technologies, automation and digitalisation, piracy and armed robbery against ships and the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

The ITF believes all IMO instruments must, under the purview of this Committee, maximise the sustainability of shipping by enshrining the principle of the safety of lives.