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Help for seafarers

Practical support for people working at sea. If you work at sea and your vessel is unsafe or in a substandard condition, your wages haven’t been paid or your employer is ignoring your rights, ITF can help.

Which unions are affiliated to the ITF?

As a seafarer, be it on a cruise ship or fishing vessel, it’s a smart choice to join the union best able to advise you and represent your interests. And do this before you actually need urgent help. Find out which unions are affiliated to the ITF

Check conditions on a ship

Make sure your vessel has an agreement that guarantees safe working conditions before you sign up, and contact the union that signed it. Check conditions on a ship

Find an inspector or a union

When you are far from home, ITF inspectors can represent you and stand up for your rights.

The ITF seafarers’ section and inspectors work at an international level to help seafarers and their families.

Find an inspector or an union

We have campaigned against flags of convenience and helped seafarers in need of urgent assistance for 60 years.

Help is available to all seafarers ­­– but by joining a union you benefit from our collective agreements, resources and the solidarity of other seafarers.

See our dedicated website for seafarers

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1 week ago

Sir good evening myself Yamuna Prasad shukla and my friend Bakshinder cheema we are here on vessel Milano-1 imo no.8113619 mmsi no.667001259 flag.sierra leone port of registry.freetown call sign.9lu2062 we are asking the honour for signing off since past 3 months our contract is only for 9 months and after finished 9 month we told him about signing off but he didn’t and me Yamuna Shukla I am suffering from stomach pain past 3 months and still I have to work I cannot get leave even for 1 day I have infection in my stomach they all know about this even I m still here and also my father is not well I told him already they are saying that give me reliever then we’ll sign you off they are insisting us for work now we are in Cotonou Benin 🇧🇯 on anchor past 5 days and here have no chance to go to port sir please help us it’s a request sir please take us out from here please sir we are hopeless now my contact no. 91724844 this SIM card belongs from here you can call me on this no. I don’t have sufficient balance to call u help us...

prince i
4 days ago

sir in my vessel prince 1(oil chemical tanker) my ship 2nd officer was heavily man handled by master.trying to cover upthe situation.currently vessel is in panama.

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

prince i
4 days ago

panama flag vessel , imo number 9294123