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What we do

Inland navigation is a growing industry. All over the world, there are extensive networks of natural and human-made rivers, waterways and canals used to transport goods of all kinds. ITF represents 86 inland navigation unions worldwide, with almost 56,0000 members.

We are also dealing with the impact of globalisation and deregulation on the industry. This has resulted in a decline in working conditions and a reduction in pay and training for workers. It makes the role of the unions even more important.

Our objectives include:

  • developing and promoting regulations and codes of conduct governing the industry
  • safeguarding the jobs of members in the face of ownership changes, and the use of non-domiciled workers
  • promoting inland navigation as a cheap and environmentally friendly way to transport goods
  • promoting good working conditions and health and safety on board vessels
  • building union support and membership

A democratic committee decides on the issues we focus on.