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What we do

Representing fishworkers globally

Globally, we're eating more fish than ever before. The fisheries sector is in crisis with some 70 per cent of fish stocks being exploited, depleted or in the process of being rebuilt because of overfishing.  

Fishing is a global industry where both hazards and profits are high, yet fishers and fishworkers are the most abused workers in the world. We must set new standards to protect them.  

The role of ITF and its affiliates in supporting fishworkers

 It is our responsibility to: 

  • build grassroots union interest in countries and corporations with no previous history of union activity
  • work with international organisations, such as the International Labour Organization (ILO), Interpol and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • campaign and lobby for contractual obligations and best practices in every fishing nation, for issues such as medical treatment, payment, rights and employment
  • improve information-sharing and build networks for co-operation and mutual assistance

One of our central policies is the sustainable harvesting of living marine resources. Globalisation means depleting fish stocks straddle different economic zones and interests. With a worldwide reach through our affiliated unions, the ITF is well placed to deal with this issue on an international level.

Join us and together we will create a fairer, safer and sustainable future.

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kabiro sanneh
2 years 10 months ago

hello sir
i tf seafarers help to the gambia ports.
i am looking to have to work with you in the gambia ports
kind regard

Jogendra Jangir
1 month 2 weeks ago

Name: Jogendra Jangir

Vessel name: Gloria

IMO number: 8806462

Email address:

Phone: 9309389320

Message: Hello

I was working in Gloria Ship, Captain used to threaten me again and again,
Because the Captain had stolen the old batteries in the ship, at the same time I had made the video of the batteries, since then he was threatening me,

1. Captain and Chief Engineer together sold the old batteries from the ship,

2. Sleeps on Captain Dutee's time,

3. The Captain Keeps Dirt in the Bridge,

4. The ship has a torn flag of Malaysia, it is a matter of shame for the country.

The captain doesn't care about these things,

5. Keeps telling the party to drink alcohol, that if the party drinks alcohol then no party will complain about us,

Threatens the crew in the ship that I will tell the company and send them home.
Informed the owner, manager of the company, they did not take any action,
While the captain sent me home to the company, and I haven't received my salary for two months yet,
Neither informed me that for what reason we have given shine off to you, Captain wanted to hide his

I request you to please get my salary
take action on
Sending videos of all these, check
malaysia flag is being insulted in gloria ship, torn flag is hoisted in ship Those who are insulting the national flag and the country of Malaysia will be sent home, it is a matter of shame for the country, register a case against the captain and get the investigation done, if the inquiry committee goes, then the ship should be at anchor only then the investigation should be done by the local police. Do not get the investigation done by those who demean the national flag
File a case under section 3 and 5 of (Act 414), sending the video of flag torn, please check

Ship Name- Gloria ship (imo no. 8806462 )

Company Address-
2nd, floor no.2 lorong pahlawan 7e, pust jaya li hua, Sibu, Sarawak Malaysia

Name- Jogendra Jangir
Mobile no. 9309389320
Email id -