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Reports & Publications | 06 Oct 2020

XPO Delivering Injustice

This report brings together the voices of workers from across XPO’s global network. Together, their stories paint the picture of a toxic corporate culture where...

Reports & Publications | 06 Oct 2020

Decent work for young workers

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on young workers’ employment, incomes, training, and social protection have been catastrophic. Even before the pandemic,...

Reports & Publications | 28 Sep 2020

Impact of Domestic Violence in Workplaces in India

This report provides an unprecedented view of how domestic violence impacts the working lives of women workers, within and beyond transport sectors in India. It is...

Reports & Publications | 20 Sep 2020

Beyond the Limit

How Covid-19 corner-cutting places too much risk in the international shipping system.

Reports & Publications | 15 Sep 2020

Statement from UN agencies on crew changes

A joint statement from United Nations agencies calling on all Governments to take urgent action on seafarer crew changes

Reports & Publications | 10 Aug 2020

ITF/ICS survey results on health protection measures for crews during COVID-19

IMO document on the outcome of ITF/ICS surveys on health protection measures for seafarers on board ships and ashore, with recommendations for shipping companies...

Reports & Publications | 09 Jul 2020

Medical care for seafarers ashore

Recommendations on the disembarkation of seafarers to receive medical care ashore

Reports & Publications | 09 Jul 2020

Seafarer information – Canada

Information for crew members in Canada