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Reports & Publications | 08 Nov 2018

Our Public Transport (OPT) placards

Placards to be downloaded and used to support the OPT campaign:

Reports & Publications | 01 Nov 2018

Guidelines for implementing the Welfare aspects of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC)

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) have jointly released new ‘Guidelines for implementing the...

Reports & Publications | 20 Oct 2018

Global union federations letter to Iranian government

Global union federations joint letter denouncing the death sentence call for 17 labour activists and demanding their immediate and unconditional release.

Reports & Publications | 13 Oct 2018

ITF Congress media pack

The official media pack for the 44th ITF Congress, 14-20 October 2018, Singapore.

Reports & Publications | 27 Sep 2018

ITF and ETF end talks with IKEA citing lack of meaningful action

The ITF and ETF have pulled out of further meetings with IKEA after the company showed little willingness to tackle labour abuses in its supply chain. In a letter...

Reports & Publications | 12 Sep 2018

ITF statement on green and healthy streets

ITF statement on how the federation, and the 20 million workers it represents, will support a declaration to create zero-emissions cities by 2030. It was launched...

Reports & Publications | 23 Aug 2018

Autonomous ship ‘Yara Birkeland’ - how far has the industry reached?

The world’s first seagoing autonomous ship, called Yara Birkeland, was expected to be launched and to set sail in 2018, delivering fertiliser along a 37-mile...