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Reports & Publications | 31 Jan 2023

Health and Safety Charter

Principles for a modern, safe port. Fundamental employer health and safety responsibilities. 

Reports & Publications | 05 Jan 2023

Documento informativo de la ITF: La pesca en la Milla 201

Las actividades pesqueras fuera de la zona económica exclusiva pero muy próximas a ella, en abierta contravención de la Convención sobre el Derecho del Mar, ya...

Reports & Publications | 09 Dec 2022

Transport moves the world: ITF Global Poll 2022

These findings are based on the 2022 International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) Global Poll. This poll of fifteen countries covers the adult populations...

Reports & Publications | 24 Nov 2022

ITF Report TCC

The ITF contributes to several IMO capacity-building programmes which uphold the empowerment of women, education and training of national maritime human element.

Reports & Publications | 24 Nov 2022

Impact of Covid-19 on women transport workers in West and Central Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused mass social and economic disruption across the world. All workers have been affected by the pandemic. But the negative impacts of...

Reports & Publications | 18 Nov 2022


The 15 workers’ stories presented in this report depict public transport workers’ experiences in accessing decent sanitation facilities. The stories are drawn...

Reports & Publications | 18 Nov 2022

ITF Just Cities Report

This research is part of the ITF programme ‘Just Cities and women public transport workers in Latin America’. It was written by Louise Sophie Sträuli and...