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Reports & Publications | 07 Nov 2019

ITF Sanitation Charter

Safe access to decent sanitary facilities, sanitation systems, and most importantly the ability to use them when needed, is truly a global issue that is widely and...

Reports & Publications | 16 Apr 2019

The Impact of the Future of Work for Women in Public Transport

Public transport workers are facing important changes due to the introduction of technologies that have the potential to further transform the way that work is...

Reports & Publications | 03 Apr 2019

History - The first 100 years of the ITF

The history of the ITF is particularly rich. It was founded through the motives of international solidarity and belief in the maxim that 'unity is strength'. It has...

Reports & Publications | 07 Feb 2019

Congress Section Reports 2018

Reports from the  44th Congress Singapore, October 2018 

Reports & Publications | 13 Oct 2018

ITF Congress media pack

The official media pack for the 44th ITF Congress, 14-20 October 2018, Singapore.

Reports & Publications | 10 Jul 2017

Exploitation permitted: How Ireland’s atypical permit scheme drives the exploitation of migrant workers

A report into employment relationships and practices in the Irish fishing sector with regards to non-EEA (European Economic Area) crews.

Reports & Publications | 11 Mar 2016

Zika Factsheet

Information for transport workers on the Zika virus.

Reports & Publications | 14 Jul 2015

ITF Work in Fishing Convention Toolkit, 2007

ITF Work in Fishing Convention Toolkit, 2007 A guide for unions