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Reports & Publications | 07 Feb 2019

Congress Section Reports 2018

Reports from the  44th Congress Singapore, October 2018 

Reports & Publications | 13 Oct 2018

ITF Congress media pack

The official media pack for the 44th ITF Congress, 14-20 October 2018, Singapore.

Reports & Publications | 10 Jul 2017

Exploitation permitted: How Ireland’s atypical permit scheme drives the exploitation of migrant workers

A report into employment relationships and practices in the Irish fishing sector with regards to non-EEA (European Economic Area) crews.

Reports & Publications | 11 Mar 2016

Zika Factsheet

Information for transport workers on the Zika virus.

Reports & Publications | 14 Jul 2015

ITF Work in Fishing Convention Toolkit, 2007

ITF Work in Fishing Convention Toolkit, 2007 A guide for unions

Reports & Publications | 09 Sep 2014

Logistics in supply chains

A fact sheet on the expansion of global supplychains.

Reports & Publications | 09 Sep 2014

Tuna supply chains

Fact sheet on tinned tuna. This is a highly popular low cost source of protein, and, after prawns/shrimp, is the world’s second most popular seafood product in...