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Reports & Publications | 31 Mar 2020

BMP West Africa

The first edition of Best Management Practices to deter piracy and enhance maritime security off the coast of West Africa including the Gulf of Guinea (BMP WA),...

Reports & Publications | 30 Mar 2020

ILO Standards and COVID-19

ILO Standards and COVID-19 (coronavirus) FAQs, key provisions of international labour standards relevant to the evolving COVID-19 outbreak

Reports & Publications | 20 Mar 2020

IMHA advice to shipping crew and companies

Specific advice to shipping crew and companies (as of January 26, 2020)

Reports & Publications | 19 Mar 2020

WHO Handbook for management of public health events on board ships

The purpose of this handbook is to assist competent authorities at the local level to manage potentially internationally significant public health events at ports....

Reports & Publications | 19 Mar 2020

Operational considerations for managing COVID-19 cases and outbreaks on board ships

This document has been prepared based on current evidence about the transmission of 2019 coronavirus (previously named 2019-nCoV, now designated COVID-19) disease...

Reports & Publications | 07 Nov 2019

ITF Sanitation Charter

Safe access to decent sanitary facilities, sanitation systems, and most importantly the ability to use them when needed, is truly a global issue that is widely and...

Reports & Publications | 17 Sep 2019

Maritime Subsidies - Do they provide value for money?

The International Transport Forum of the OECD has examined direct and indirect subsidies available to maritime transport in OECD countries, assessing whether they...

Reports & Publications | 20 Aug 2019

ITF guidelines on the IGF Code

The IMO has adopted a mandatory safety code for ships using gases or other low-flashpoint fuels. The booklet provides a brief information on the IGF Code and what...