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Reports & Publications | 22 Aug 2023

In Practice ITF Human Rights Due Diligence

This guide shows how companies can respect the human rights of seafarers shipping cargo by cooperating with the ITF on human rights due diligence.

Reports & Publications | 27 Jul 2023

Respecting the human rights of seafarers in global supply chains

This guidance focuses on the human rights risks in company supply chains for seafarers on merchant vessels. This is distinct from fishers and dockers, who are...

Reports & Publications | 26 Jun 2023

Transport 2040: Impact of Technology on Seafarers

This report confirms what we in the trade union movement have been arguing for decades: that humans are not going anywhere when it comes to this sector. Whatever...

Reports & Publications | 31 May 2023

The Mass Human Element - Collating Seafarers' Voices: Perspectives and Expectations

Taking the input of seafarers on current ongoing developments in the maritime industry has been considered sensitive and political but is critical at this juncture...

Reports & Publications | 27 Mar 2023

ITF Statement to AP Moller - Maersk Annual General Meeting 2023

The following statement was submitted by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) on behalf of the ITF Maersk Network for AP Moller – Maersk...

Reports & Publications | 24 Mar 2023

ITF Priorities for Maersk Investors 2023

This briefing for investors analyses A.P. Moller – Maersk’s approach to Environmental, Social and Governance issues in the year to March 2023. It highlights...

Reports & Publications | 23 Mar 2023

Opportunities for Seafarers and National Maritime Policies: Navigating beyond the chaos of the pandemic

In Opportunities for Seafarers and National Maritime Policies: Navigating beyond the chaos of the pandemic, industry experts identify crucial lessons coming out of...

Reports & Publications | 24 Nov 2022

ITF Report TCC

The ITF contributes to several IMO capacity-building programmes which uphold the empowerment of women, education and training of national maritime human element.