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Reports & Publications | 26 Jun 2023

Transport 2040: Impact of Technology on Seafarers

This report confirms what we in the trade union movement have been arguing for decades: that humans are not going anywhere when it comes to this sector. Whatever...

Reports & Publications | 09 Sep 2022

Achieving sustainable mobility: A white paper in support of the 2022 U20 communiqué

This white paper has been produced by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) to supplement the Urban 20 communiqué to G20 leaders. The ITF...

Reports & Publications | 31 Aug 2021

Congress Proceedings ITF 44th Congress 2018

Singapore has been at the forefront of the ‘future of work’ for many years.  2,000 participants agreed an ambitious programme for the next five years for...

Reports & Publications | 02 Nov 2020

Safe Skies: The ITF Approach to Remote Tower Operations

This report outlines the ITF’s  approach to remote tower operations in the civil aviation sector, including concerns policymakers will have to answer if this...

Reports & Publications | 29 Apr 2020

SKILLSEA project: Future Skill and Competence Needs

Technology and digitalisation are transforming the shipping industry. ‘Smart’ ships are coming into service, creating demand for a new generation of competent,...

Reports & Publications | 16 Apr 2019

The Impact of the Future of Work for Women in Public Transport

Public transport workers are facing important changes due to the introduction of technologies that have the potential to further transform the way that work is...

Reports & Publications | 03 Apr 2019

History - The first 100 years of the ITF

The history of the ITF is particularly rich. It was founded through the motives of international solidarity and belief in the maxim that 'unity is strength'. It has...

Reports & Publications | 23 Aug 2018

Autonomous ship ‘Yara Birkeland’ - how far has the industry reached?

The world’s first seagoing autonomous ship, called Yara Birkeland, was expected to be launched and to set sail in 2018, delivering fertiliser along a 37-mile...