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Reports & Publications | 24 Nov 2022

ITF Report TCC

The ITF contributes to several IMO capacity-building programmes which uphold the empowerment of women, education and training of national maritime human element.

Reports & Publications | 24 Nov 2022

Impact of Covid-19 on women transport workers in West and Central Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused mass social and economic disruption across the world. All workers have been affected by the pandemic. But the negative impacts of...

Reports & Publications | 18 Nov 2022


The 15 workers’ stories presented in this report depict public transport workers’ experiences in accessing decent sanitation facilities. The stories are drawn...

Reports & Publications | 18 Nov 2022

ITF Just Cities Report

This research is part of the ITF programme ‘Just Cities and women public transport workers in Latin America’. It was written by Louise Sophie Sträuli and...

Reports & Publications | 15 Nov 2022

A Zero-Carbon Future for the Aviation Sector

How aviation workers will lead the just transition needed for sustainable aviation. Millions of aviation workers are experiencing the effects of global warming...

Reports & Publications | 14 Nov 2022

Seafarers' Bulletin 2022

Includes a guide to what the flags of convenience system really means for seafarers. We look at some cases of abandonment, where the FOC system gets in the way of...

Reports & Publications | 09 Nov 2022

Posters - Task Force 10-point Action Plan to Achieve a Just Transition for Seafarers (2022)

Global shipping urgently needs to decarbonise. The world is facing a climate emergency. Urgent action is needed to limit global warming to 1.5C or we will face...