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Reports & Publications | 08 Mar 2019

ITF/UITP Positive Employer Gender Policy

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and UITP (International Association of Public Transport) have signed a joint agreement to strengthen...

Reports & Publications | 27 Feb 2019

Seafarers' Bulletin 2019

The ITF’s flagship annual publication for seafarers

Reports & Publications | 22 Feb 2019

Constitution and Resolution 2018 - Swedish

Resolutioner som antogs av ITF:s 44:e kongress Stadgar för Internationella Transportarbetarefederationen (ITF)

Reports & Publications | 07 Feb 2019

Congress Section Reports 2018

Reports from the  44th Congress Singapore, October 2018 

Reports & Publications | 06 Feb 2019

Congress Theme Document 2018

The Congress Theme Document recognises the impact that technology has on transport workers and we have to make policy choices to help our workers. Likewise,...

Reports & Publications | 21 Jan 2019

Nairobi Bus Rapid Transit Report

This is the second report of research commissioned by the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) as a contribution to the ITF Our Public Transport (OPT)...

Reports & Publications | 11 Dec 2018

Smart Marine ecosystem approach

Presentation by Timo Koponen from Wärtsilä Marine Business on 3 December 2018 to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 100th session of the Maritime...

Reports & Publications | 11 Dec 2018

Technology progression in MASS

Presentation by Kevin Daffey, director of ship intelligence at Rolls Royce, on 3 December 2018 to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 100th session of the...