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What we do

Young workers are the future of trade unions

By getting active in trade unions, young transport workers have the power to push the labour movement forward.

Watch the video Be Part of Something Big and find out what you’ve got to gain by getting involved. 

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What do young workers have to fight for?

  • Equal pay
    The young often get paid less than older workers, creating a two-tier workforce. They are also more likely to receive the minimum wage
  • An end to precarious work
    Young workers’ roles can lack job security; they are more likely to be employed on a temporary basis, especially if work is outsourced
  • Trade union rights
    Many young workers are not unionised, particularly if they’re employed on a casual or temporary basis. This means they can’t exercise their union rights
  • Education and organisation
    Young people are the future of the trade union movement. It’s vital that they understand it and are organised into trade unions