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OPT summer school

The ITF is hosting a summer school in Florence, Italy on 20 – 24 August 2019, open to all ITF affiliates organising urban transport workers and ITF Young Transport Workers’ Committee members representing the sector.

The 5-day programme aims to promote learning and sharing to increase the visibility of young workers in urban transport , and will cover issues such as:

  •  Organising and strategic campaigning
  •  Global trends and issues
  • Precarious and informal work
  •  Social movements and alliances
  • The ITF’s Our Public Transport programme and young workers participation
  •  International solidarity

The purpose of this summer school is to:

  • Develop learning on global issues, including new technology, smart cities, climate change and just transition in public transport;
  • develop new campaigning and organizing skills for activists in urban transport;
  •  strengthen union strategies to organize and represent informal workers including gig (platform) workers;
  • promote solidarity between activists and build alliances with social movements; and
  • develop action plans for youth activism in the ITF Our Public Transport programme.

Who should attend the summer school?

  • Young trade unionists working in the Urban Transport sector, age 35 and under, who are active in their unions and keen to be more involved in international work.
  • Participants should have a good understanding of trade union issues and challenges. They should also have some knowledge of the ITF and its activities.
  • The summer school will be in English only, so participants must be proficient in English.
  • Places are limited to one participant per union. We also try to achieve regional and sectoral representation. Young women participants are especially encouraged to apply for a place at the summer school.
  • Participants of the summer school will be expected to do preparatory work, make presentations and follow up with activities in their unions after the event.

If you wish to register for the Summer School, please contact your union as the invitation has been sent to all ITF affiliates representing urban transport workers and ask them to start the registration process. In case you have any questions, please email