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What we do

Building strong unions by organising women workers

The ITF women’s department is dedicated to organising women transport workers, maximising their global influence and workplace power. We’re building a team of women trade union leaders to help make this happen.

The role of the women’s department

Directed by the ITF women’s committee, the department works with ITF affiliates to address the challenges faced by women transport workers worldwide. This includes the impact of the economic crisis on jobs, wages and working conditions, as well as violence, sexism and discrimination.  

For any union organising any workers, the strategy must be an industrial strategy. It’s not a strategy to say we want to organise women workers or young workers. We have to show the union can win on the issues. Workers have to see the union as a vehicle for change.” Sharon Graham, Unite, UK

Increasing union strength through the ITF women’s network

The women’s network is an informal way for women transport trade unionists to share materials, information and experiences.

For guides, videos, best practice and essential reports, visit our women’s resources page.