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What we do

The HIV/AIDS agenda is to keep transport workers and their families healthy and safe

During the 40th ITF congress in Vancouver in 2002 there was a resolution to fight HIV/AIDS more vigorously.

HIV/AIDS is of particular concern to transport workers. Mobility and long absences from home make transport workers vulnerable. The ITF is helping affiliated unions to combat HIV/AIDS by:

  • raising awareness 
  • offering support, advice and information to workers
  • providing training, information and education resources to unions
  • promoting trade union action in the workplace 
  • promoting and supporting long term campaigns around HIV/AIDS such as World AIDS day 

Through the HIV/AIDS programme the ITF aims to: 

  • move HIV/AIDS into unions' core programmes and activities 
  • encourage unions to lobby to establish HIV as a workplace issue 
  • keep transport workers and their families healthy and safe from HIV/AIDS 

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